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March 3,4,5, 2005
7:30PM Unionville High school Auditorium

Instructions for Forum.
(Only for people involved in the musical....)
Screen Names (First Name, Last Initial):
Leads - Use your character name. Ex- Horton, or JoJoMR or JoJoAC
Bird Girls- AmyGbg
Wickersham Brothers - CoreyWwb
Whos - DanGwho
Citizens of the Jungle - BethKcoj
Pit Orchestra - JinOpit
Stage Crew - BobSsc
Tech crew - AshBtc

Seussical FORUM!!! All Qs & As will be answered there!

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Feb 28th 05


If we don't have school tomorrow (crosses fingers again. "Hey.. it
worked last time"), we will STILL have rehearsal.


BE THERE. those of you in drivers Ed, go dig up 30 accident reports

Feb 27th 05


If..(Big IF) school is cancelled tomorrow (crosses fingers), we will
have 2 rehearsals on Tuesday.

One at 3 PM and another at 6PM.

Feb 24th


Rehearsal is CANCELLED tonight!!

Feb 15, 05


Write up your list! List should include Character, character description, songs/scenes, and cues. Due TOMORROW!

Feb 2nd 05


Digital Callboard is now up and running.